Ashid Advocates LLP believes that everyone within the firm can play a daily role in reducing environmental impact, while conserving natural resources, and managing firm operations in a most sustainable manner.

Our First GREEN initiative has many areas of focus, such as:

• Reducing Ashid Advocates’ use of energy
• Organizing an action/campaign for planting trees per each year
• Making green the office, planting more in the office
• Encouraging alternative methods of transportation among team members, we encourage meetings among team members and/or clients via teleconferencing as appropriate
• Promoting the recycling and reuse of paper, glass, aluminum, plastic and other products (we aim to reduce paper use by 30 percent, in other hand, we aim to increase the percentage of waste we recycle)

Currently, we are in process of drafting of our policies as detail and complex in relation to managing the environmental impact of our business, therefore, one of our prioritized objectives are to become first Mongolian law firm to achieve global certification standard for environmental management.

First GREEN Initiative by Ashid Advocates LLP