Ashid Advocates LLP obtained a pro bono tort litigation victory against one of the largest chain restaurants
We represented a Mongolian citizen (Pro bono: for the privacy reason, we are not able to name the person) (the “Plaintiff”) in personal injury litigation against one of the largest chain restaurants, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (for the privacy reason, we are not able to name the Restaurant) (the “Defendant”) in June 2015 that we argued that personal injury arose from a gross negligent act conducted by the Defendant. We, also, convinced the judges that the Restaurant did not comply the applicable rules, regulations and standards (Food health and Safety, Sanitation, etc) approved by the Mongolian State Inspection Authority. However, the Defendant constantly refused to compensate the Plaintiff.

As a result of our successful representation for 2 months, the First Instance Civil Court No.1 of the District granted the verdict in a sufficient amounts as compensation for the Plaintiff.  

Ashid Advocates LLP provides pro bono legal services to individuals and organizations in Mongolia. Therefore, we encourage our Partners and Associates to be part of community through pro bono legal assistances (one of our obligations under CSR sheme) for whoever not being able to effort high legal costs. As such, any individual or organizations, who seek our pro bono legal support, are required to submit to us relevant documents that support her/his/their inability.

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