Recent victories
Ashid Advocates LLP recently won an appeal for client Dul Impex LLC in the Administrative Court of Appeals.
Our attorneys Tsolmon Shar and Orgil Davaasuren successfully represented the Chinese invested Dul Impex LLC in an appeal to the Administrative Court of Appeals (the “Court of Appeals”) challenging the Judgment 4325 dated 19 June 2015 (the “Judgment 4325”), which was issued by the Judge D.Zorigtbaatar, the Administrative Court of First Instance No.20. The Court of Appeals, sitting en banc, agreed with our argument on 23 July 2015 that the Judgment 4325 is not complied the certain articles under the Law of Mongolia on Administrative Proceedings in relation to administrative proceedings, therefore the Judgment 4325 is not lawful. Thus we are delighted to announce that as a result of our successful appeal of an adverse judgment on behalf of our client, the Judgment 4325 was dismissed by the judges from the Court of Appeals, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Prior to the recent administrative litigation above, we also successful represented Dul Impex LLC in a long continued civil litigation in relation to land boundary dispute brought by SGP LLC to the First Instance Civil Court No.2 of District in which SGP LLC alleged that “Dul Impex constructed its residential complex in Zaisan area on the piece of land lawfully possessed by SGP LLC”, and SGP LLC demanded a judgment “demolish the complex”. Therefore, after 9 months of a trial, we obtained dismissal of the claim brought by the Korean invested land developer SGP LLC.

At the current stage, we are representing Dul Impex LLC in several administrative litigations challenging the decisions of Ulaanbaatar Capital City Mayor in granting the land titles over several companies over 9 years ago which infringed our client’ legitimate rights, therefore, we are awaiting future trials.

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